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Sara Abdullah Bangash (Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan)
Outstanding as it's title

I would highly appreciate services that Tadabbur Books provide to satisfy my cravings for this book. Book is amazingly written covering all aspects of emotional intelligence.

Bilal Parvez (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)
Reassessment of What Constitutes Intelligence

Just finished reading 'With the Heart in Mind' by ⁦‪@mikaeelahmeds‬⁩ today.

‎Absolutely loved it, never before have I seen someone analyze and examine the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the way Shaykh Mikael Ahmed has done in this book.
‎This book is a must-read for all Muslims who wish and desire to emulate and follow the Sunnah of our Prophet ﷺ. Change is not easy and requires a deep understanding of the things that prevent us from making positive changes that we would like to see in our lives and this book aims to do just that. Shaykh Mikael brilliantly lays out two key frameworks, namely the emotional intelligence and moral intelligence frameworks of the Prophet ﷺ that helped him ﷺ spread the message of Islam.

Here are two of my own reflections after reading the book:

1. This book is about how through the use of social, moral and emotional intelligence one can bring about a societal change, impact the lives of others and influence positive, moral and righteous deeds. So, a thought was troubling me, how can an evil person rally support from people when he's calling others toward evil? One answer I can think of is by pandering to and gratifying people's baser instincts, their lower self and evil desires just like how shaytan is capable of achieving this through exploiting people's desires and nafs.

2. When people (I'm concerned with Muslims here) say we are becoming increasingly sensitive, soft and are easily offended, they fail to understand that in order for you to joke with someone you need to work within the paradigm of our beloved Prophet's emotional, moral and social intelligence ﷺ. He had such a connection with those around him, that they felt comfortable in his presence even when the Prophet was joking with them. The joking never got to the point of bullying. The connection he had with others was built on empathy, sincere concern for the welfare of others and emotional investment.

Raheel (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)

Excellent book