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Ramadan Around The World

Author: Ndaa Hassan , Illustrator: Azra Momin

Recommended Age Group: 2 - 11 years
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Ramadan Around The World showcases how children from various cultures around the world celebrate Ramadan. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the Muslim community around the world. Children of various nationalities, abilities and disabilities are represented throughout the book. Also, families of diverse sizes and demographics have been equally represented. The book is narrated by the Ramadan moon who takes the reader around the world to visit children as they observe Ramadan.

As the moon visits each country, a wide range of cultural customs, dishes, traditional wear and key Ramadan spiritual practices are introduced to the reader. The young reader will be swept away with the bright colors and relatable content and also enjoy this journey of travel, discovery and learning.

It is a book that can be enjoyed by children as young as one and as old as 11 as each child will notice something that speaks to them or teaches them something new. Toddlers will love the illustrations that depict people and food; preschoolers will enjoy making connections to it; young readers will be excited to read this on their own; elementary school kids will gain an insight into the different architecture and environment on each page; and, older readers will be delighted to learn that the Muslim world they are a part of spreads to all the ends of the earth.

Staying true to the authenticity of each culture and capturing their celebrations with attention to detail was important both in the writing and illustrating of this book.

Ramadan Around The World has been awarded the 2019 Gold Award in the 'holiday' publishing category by Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY) - USA.


  • Teaches children about people, cultures and countries across the world
  • Focuses on inclusion and acceptance of diverse abilities, disabilities and family types e.g. single mother, raised by grandparents, two-parent homes, etc.
  • Highlights key Ramadan vocabulary
  • Vibrant and fun illustrated spreads that are easy to follow
  • Includes a map for kids and info for educators on Ramadan


Book Review by Blog - Top 10 2018 Islamic Books For Children

"This superb book by Ndaa Hassan is a must have in all your homes! Not only does it fabulously cover Ramadan experiences around the world, it also highlights the diversity of children by featuring a child on a wheelchair and another with autism. I love the inclusiveness of this book. It’s a great conversation starter with your children during Ramadan. The book shares Ramadan experiences from America to Mexico, Brazil, Senegal, Palestine, Morocco, Australia, Malaysia and more. It’s such a well thought out children’s story book with fabulous pictures and vibrant colours, I can’t recommend it enough."

Book Review by MuslimMommyBlog - Instagram Blog

"Ramadan Around The World is a fantastic Ramadan book written by Ndaa Hassan.

First off, the pictures by Azra Momin are vibrant and expressive; they keep the children’s attention focused on the book the entire time. This book is so beautiful, it deserves to be a part of your Ramadan decor!⠀

The story is about the Ramadan Moon and how it travels around the World to observe Ramadan in the different countries and cultures. Starting with the US and ending in Australia, the author has done a fantastic job in showing the diversity of Muslims around the globe.⠀

I love how the book shows Muslim children actively celebrating and participating in Ramadan. It inspired my own children to want to help with getting ready by decorating and baking Ramadan treats. ⠀

Food is a huge part of celebrating Ramadan, with each culture having a specific food/drink they make to welcome the holy month. The different foods represented in this book represent the different cultures, and they are described and pictured so perfectly that it almost seems like you can smell them off the page! ⠀

You can literally feel the Ramadan spirit when you read this book, and the decor included on the pages is fantastic for exciting your children about decorating for Ramadan.

I love that this book introduces our children to diverse Muslim characters and teaches them about different cultures. In addition, some of the characters were special needs and some had disabilities. This teaches our children (and us) that all children want and should be included in the Ramadan festivities and community gatherings."

Book Review by Hena  Zuberi - Editor-In-Chief At

"I wish this delightful book was written when my children were younger. It's a visual and soulful Ramadan treat for the young of the Ummah - celebrating traditions and cultures, uniting little moon-sighters over the world."

Book Review by Amanda Quraishi - Community Leader and Social Activist

"This book is a refreshing, enlightening tour of cultures that Muslim kids may not be exposed to at an early age. It's a celebration of the widespread appeal of the deen, and even adults will marvel at the beautiful tapestry of our religion as it covers the earth"

Book Review by Zeena Al-Kurdi - Blogger

"Amazed at attention to detail given to both the content and illustrations. What a beautiful way to educate our children about the Holy month of Ramadan while allowing them to explore different cultures and traditions. I also appreciate the inclusion of children with different abilities and dietary needs. Can't wait to purchase as gifts, donate to our local library, and add to our own collection at home!"

Book Review by Kirin - Goodreads Reader

"I know the value fiction can have in empowering and exciting people when they see themselves reflected in story lines.  As Muslims, it is a needed tool both for our own children and for teaching other children about us.  So, imagine my surprise when I felt my back straighten up and a smile stain my face for a long while after I finished reading this beautiful book about Ramadan traditions all over the world.  Not because it showed so many beautiful Muslims from rich colorful backgrounds sharing the common bond of loving Allah in Ramadan, that was expected.  Nor was it for the diversity of skin tones, and cultures, and ages, and head coverings, throughout.  No, it was because there are characters with autism, and one that is hearing impaired, one in a wheel chair, and a little girl with diabetes who cannot eat all the candy, just a few.  I didn't realize how strong that notion hit me.  Me, an adult, a type 1 diabetic since I was 11, there in print, in a book about Muslims.  Yes, I may have had tears, I might still as I write this review.  It is powerful people, to see yourself in a fictional character, at any age.  May Allah swt reward all the authors out there writing books for our children to feel proud of who they are, one beautiful page at a time. You are making a difference.

Emotions aside, this book is wonderful in and of itself.  It starts with the moon telling a bit about how Ramadan is fasting from sunrise to sunset, doing good deeds, being kind, and how it is celebrated all over the world.  The moon then takes us on a journey to twelve countries: The US, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Scotland, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Madinah, Palestine, and Senegal.  Each location gets a two-page spread of text and illustrations that tell about a Ramadan celebration, or tradition, and stress something about the month in general such as iftar, or sadaqah, going to the mosque, helping orphans, the adhaan, saying salaam.  The book concludes with Ramadan ending and the moon signing off.  There is a glossary followed by more information about Ramadan. 

In all the book is 40 pages, hardbound, and large enough to make it perfect for story time and bedtime alike.  In small bursts the book would work for 4 year olds and up and first graders and up will understand how universal Islam is and relish at the diversity in celebrating "the most wonderful time of the year."

For non Muslims this book is not preachy, it shows how a holiday is celebrated in different places, and would do a great job of showing the joy Ramadan contains for Muslims with universal core principals, but how culture and traditions of celebration make it a diverse experience.


Title: Ramadan Around The World
Author: Ndaa Hassan
Illustrator: Azra Momin
Minha Kauser
Ndaa Hassan (Self-Published)
Pages: 40
Volumes: 1
Size:  22.2 cm x 28.8 cm
Binding: Hardback
Recommended Age Group: 2 - 11 years
Edition Number:
Year Of Publication:
Weight:  0.45 kg


Ndaa Hassan is a wife, mother, artist, social entrepreneur and creative design enthusiast with a passion for storytelling, traveling and learning about other cultures. She takes particular interest working on projects that provide value and service to others. Her portfolio spans many community-centered projects and a handful of story times filled with lots of excitement, laughs and giggles. Ramadan Around The World is her first venture into children’s literature. It is a story inspired by her children and their Ramadan celebrations.


Azra Momin paints, illustrates books, writes for magazines, makes textile art and jewelry, and not necessarily in that order. She enjoys playing made-up games and going geocaching with her favorite comrades - her husband and daughter. A stack of children's books and mystery novels is always by her side and she dreams about living in an earth ship. You can find her work on Instagram @azramomin.


Minha Kauser is an Educator at Teach.Learn.Think. and Editor at Winning Essays, LLC. She has a passion for geography, has lived in seven countries on four continents, visited 25+ countries and could not be happier being a part of this book. Minha loves to teach and inspire in her two children and all her students a love for reading, travel, exploration, learning and appreciating the world – its history, religions and people. You can learn more about her at



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