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Sumayyah Khan (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)
Fun and fabulous book

It was a beautiful book. I am very happy with the quality as well as efficient delivery. Children will not only learn a lot about the universe but also have fun doing it!

Ammad Haider (Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan)
Recommended book

It's a very good book for introducing an Islamic understanding of the cosmology.

Mariyam Kamran (Welland, Ontario, Canada)


*This book is a nice way to introduce Young minds to the world around them.

*The illustrations are beautiful! Very richly done. Masha Allah.

*The paper quality is amazing! It's a book you love holding and running your hand across the gold embossed letters on the title page. #bibliophilealert

* It's written in Rhyme. And takes its essence from the verses of the Quran that call on man to reflect on the creation of the Universe. The book has a disclaimer in the end that it's not meant as a science book. You'll love it if you take it as such: an invitation to think:)

*I'm a little on the fence about which age group to recommend this for. It's not for toddlers. I think I got a little over-enthusiastic there. Lol. But that's not to say that slightly older kids won't enjoy it. They should. Insha ALLah.

Haniya Yahya Khan (Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan)

The Cosmos That Allah Has Designed is a great help for parents who have to answer the never ending questions of their children. This book has explained seasons, planets, day and night in a summarized way and that too with rhyming words which make it more fun to read. The beautiful pictures keep the interest from starting to the end.