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Who Will Help Me Make Iftar ?

Asmaa Hussein

Ruqaya's Bookshelf - Canada , Recommended Age Group : 4 years and above
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Mustafa Amca and his wife have a yearly tradition - they cook iftar for their friends and neighbours on the first day of Ramadan. This year, Mustafa Amca's wife is sick and can't help him cook! Mustafa is confident his neighbours and family can help him to keep the tradition alive. 

Will he be able to find others to pitch in and create a meal for everyone to enjoy?

Unfortunately, everyone has a petty excuse and cannot accommodate to his request. His daughter is tired, his grand daughter is too busy with her video games and his neighbour doesn’t want to get his new shirt dirty !

Mustafa Amca still carries on and keeps working hard in the kitchen to prepare the dishes on his own.

When iftar time arrives, he offers sweet dates to those at the masjid and invites everyone to come to his courtyard to break their fasts together. At iftar time, once the food is ready to be served, everyone feels too guilty to eat since they haven't contributed to the iftar. Mustafa Amca kindly reminds them that Allah loves those who are generous with their loved ones and the needy, thus he always wants to be loved by Allah. This motivates everyone to join the delicious meal and participate in the after-dinner clean up and take the leftovers to the poor!

After food is over, his wife shows that while she might be ill, she can still save the day when her husband realizes he has forgotten to prepare dessert. Lastly, the best of all when the Adhaan for 'Isha prayer calls out, they all without prompting stand to join Mustafa Amce in praying salaah together.

Who Will Help Me Make Iftar? is a wonderful, rich story about selflessness and generosity.

Recommended For Ages 4 +

Book Review by Children Book Nook

"A lovely story that shows faith, tradition and community that ends with Islamic words of wisdom. This book is set in Turkey, and because of my familiarity with the Turkish culture I really appreciate the details of the illustrations; grandma's attire, the tea cups, the china cabinet......
Great lesson of generosity for kids and an important reminder for the adults in their lives


Book Review by Mahvish

"We just read 'who will help me make iftar.' We loved it. My children were literally yelling at the characters to help mustafa “ just pause the game and go!” Lol! I actually started to tear up when Ayse was there for husband even though she wasn’t well. After reading, my children quickly volunteered to help me clean the house :) JAK for giving us such wonderful stories that become favourites for both children and adults."

Book Review by Anonymous Reader

"This book isn’t just about Iftar... but rather that good deeds are done for Allah’s pleasure and reward. Touching story from Ruqayyas bookshelf, which never disappoints. I also love how her books showcase Muslims from all countries and cultures - this one is set in Turkey. Great book to add to your library in time for Ramadan - but to be read again and again afterwards.

Title: Who Will Help Me Make Iftar ?
Author: Asmaa Hussein
Illustrator: Saliha Caliskan
Publisher: Ruqaya's Bookshelf - Canada
Pages: 137
Volumes: 1
Size:  21.6 cm x 27.9 cm
Recommended Age Group: 4 years and above
Binding: Paperback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication:


Asmaa Hussein is the founder of this small but wholesome publishing company Ruqaya's Bookshelf based in Canada. Since 2015, her mission has been to publish bright, fun, and engaging Islamic children’s books to add to your home and school libraries.

All books by Ruqaya's Bookshelf feature Muslim characters and protagonists, because we believe representation matters! Diversity in children’s literature contributes to a solid character education – and seeing someone who looks like you in a storybook is exciting!

After servitude to Allah, her daughter is her greatest motivation. As a widowed mother to a rambunctious and beautiful girl, she strives to show her an example of dedication, determination, and excellence.

She has named this publishing company after her – Ruqaya’s Bookshelf – because she loves books more than anything.

So pull up a chair, enjoy their books and join their fun-filled adventure!




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