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The Scribes Of The Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhe Wassalam) : English Translation Of Kuttaab An-Nabi / كُتَّاب النَبِي

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Azami

Turath Publishing - UK
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This book, The Scribes Of The Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhe Wassalam) : English Translation Of Kuttaab An-Nabi / كُتَّاب النَبِي  by the renowned contemporary Hadith scholar, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Azami, provides an extensive list of those Companions (RA) who had the honour of acting as scribbles of the Quran to Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu Alayhe Wassalam) in his differing capacities as conduit of Revelation and head of the nascent Muslim State.

Through biographies focusing on their secretarial activities, the reader is afforded a vital insight into this aspect of service performed by a privileged number of Companions (RA). By synthesising an extensive array of sources on Sirah, the author throws light on and reinvigorates the extant corpus documenting these secretarial activities, thus showcasing this branch of our Islamic heritage and the scholarship involved in interpreting it.


Title: The Scribes Of The Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhe Wassalam) : English Translation Of Kuttaab An-Nabi / كُتَّاب النَبِي
Author: Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Azami
Translator: Anas M. Al-Azami
Aqil M Azmi , Mariam Madge Conlan
Turath Publishing - UK
Pages: 175
Volumes: 1
Size:  14.0 cm x 21.5 cm
Binding: Paperback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication:
Weight:  0.22 kg


One of the world's premier scholars of Hadith, was born in Mau, India in the early 1930s and received his education successively at Dar al-Ulum Deoband, India (1952), al-Azhar University, Cairo (M.A., 1955), and University of Cambridge (Ph.D., 1966). He is Professor Emeritus at King Sa'ud University (Riyadh) where he also chaired the department of Islamic Studies; he holds a Saudi citizenship. Al-Azami served as curator of the National Public Library, Qatar; Associate Professor at Umm al-Qura University (Makkah); Visiting Scholar at University of Michigan (Ann Arbor); Visiting Fellow at St. Cross College (University of Oxford); King Faisal Visiting Professor for Islamic Studies at Princeton; and Visiting Scholar at University of Colorado (Boulder). He is also an Honorary Professor at University of Wales (Lampeter). His publications include;

--- Studies in Early Hadith Literature,
--- Hadith Methodology and Literature,
--- On Schacht's Origins of Muahmmadan Jurisprudence,
--- Dirasat fi al-Hadith an-Nabawi,
--- Kuttab an-Nabi, (The Scribes of the Prophet )
--- Manhaj an-Naqd 'ind al-Muhaddithin,
--- al-Muhaddithun min al-Yamamah.
Among his credited works are;
--- al-Ilal of Ibn al-Madini,
--- Kitab at-Tamyiz of Imam Muslim,
--- Maghazi Rasulullah of Urwah ibn Zubayr,
--- Muwatta Imam Malik,
--- Sahih ibn Khuzaimah,
--- Sunan ibn Majah.

Many of al-A'zami's works have been translated internationally, and his forthcoming works include The Qur'anic Challenge: A Promise Fulfilled, and The Isnad System: Its Origins and Authenticity. In 1980 he was the recipient of the prestigious King Faisal International Award for Islamic Studies.



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