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Reach The Sweetness Of Prayer

Moutasem Al-Hameedy

Publisher: Tertib Publishing - Malaysia
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The Salaah (prayer) is the most special connection between a person and his/her Rubb. It sets the tone for everything in a Muslim's life. It is easy to slip into a rhythm of prayer that is dead and empty. This will only lead to a sick heart. Prayer originates deep in the heart and unfolds organically into words and body movements that beautifully give voice and shape to that deep love of the Divine echoing in the heart.

In this book by Moutasem Al-Hameedy, you will find jewels of advice that will help you pray in a state of presence and connection. A way that will help you rhyme with the universal symphony of devotion and connection to the Almighty.

The content of the book is based on talks and lectures delivered by the author in his own quest to find meaning and depth in his own Salaah. The author hopes that the content of this book and the experience it offers you, will be a means to blow the soul back in your prayer and help you experience the prayer at a more profound level of presence and connection.

It takes sincerity and hard work to act on the suggestions founds in this book. It takes patience and perseverance to see results. And most importantly, it takes complete trust in Allah and an honest sense of surrender that He is the only One who can give you Khushu' in your Salaah. When you let Him lead the way in the Salaah and stop overdoing focus and humility, you are more likely to feel Khushu' naturally emerging in your experience.

Excerpts From The Book

Shaykh Abdur Rahman As-Sa'di says in one of his books:
"For people who think Khushu' is (only) a matter of Salaah, they do not understand what Khushu' is. (Rather) Khushu' is a continuous state of mind. If you want Khushu' in Salaah, you need to have it outside Salaah."

In another beautiful statement, Shaykh Saleh Al-Maghamsi says:
"Salaah is a privilege. In Salaah, you are standing before Allah SWT. And that is a privilege and honour that Allah does not give to everyone. On top of this, Khushu' is the pinnacle. Therefore, Allah will not give it to someone who contradicts the meaning of Salaah in his life"

So he says that if you want Khushu' (in Salaah), you need to have Khushu' in your transactions, Khushu' in the way you treat your brothers, sisters, parents, and even everyone. You need Khushu' in doing your job.

It is all connected. You will never have Khushu' in Salaah unless you have it in all aspects of your life. Human beings have consistency in our fitrah. Allah SWT says that He did not put two hearts to anyone in his chest. You do not have two hearts. You cannot have two different orientations. You might have an inner conflict for a while, but ultimately you will reach one.

...... Therefore, you cannot be connected to Allah SWT in the mosque and disconnected outside. Khushu' is a connection that you have in Salaah and outside Salaah. If you want to have Khushu', you need to change your life. You need to align your life behind Salaah. If you do not align your life behind the love of Allah SWT and Salaah, you can never have Khushu'.


Title: Reach The Sweetness Of Prayer
Author: Moutasem Al-Hameedy
Publisher: Tertib Publishing - Malaysia
Pages: 57
Volumes: 1
Size:  12.7 cm x 17.7 cm
Binding: Paperback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication:
Weight:  0.08 kg


Moutasem Al-Hameedi has studied under the prominent students of Sheikh al-Albaani, including Sheikh Mashhoor Hasan (Hadeeth and Usool al-Fiqh), Sheikh Hussain al-Awaaysha (Fiqh and Manners), Shekih Abu Suhaib (Imaam at Wise Islamic Centre in the UK), Sheikh Ayman as-Saadiq (Arabic grammar and morphology) and Dr. Malik Sha'ban (Aqeedah, Tafseer).

His works in Da'wa include being an Imaam and lecturer at Ibn Taymiyyah Mosque (London, UK), being an Imaam and lecturer at Call to Islam Islamic Center (Luton, UK), lecturing at British universities and schools on Islam and hosting TV shows and lecture series on the Islamic satellite channel Huda TV

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