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It's Jummah ! : The Sunnah And Etiquettes Of Friday ! (Board Book)

Authors: Nagia Rastgar & Lyazzat Mukhangaliyeva, Illustrator: Zainab Arshad

Publisher: 2 Curious Hearts - Canada Recommended Age Group: 0 years and up
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Hooray! It is Friday! Let’s take a bath, wear our best clothes, and get ready for Jummah. Your little ones are more than ready to learn about their religion. So get a head start on the Sunnahs of Jummah in a simple, engaging and colourful way!

Jummah is all about the Friday routine! While routines like bath time and meal time are crucial to healthy living, for us Muslims, so are the fardh and the sunnah which complete the code of our Islamic lives.

Teach your child the Jummah routine, engrave it in their hearts. There is no doubt babies can learn and absorb anything at this age. Our daughters inspired us to create literature that promotes Islam first and foremost and other education as a bonus.


Book Review by Precious Bees (Publisher of Islamic children books)

‘It’s Jummah!’ is a board book introducing little ones to the Sunnahs and etiquettes of Fridays using very few words and simple illustrations. It’s written by Najia Rastgar & Lyazzat Mukhangaliyeva of 2 Curious Hearts, and illustrated by Zainab Arshad. If I had to sum up the book I’d say that its simplicity is its strength. Each double spread introduces little ones to one Sunnah/ etiquette using very few words along with a high contrasting colourful illustration. It’s perfect for babies and upwards.

Before this book came into our home, I didn’t have anything solid for our toddler to relate to on Fridays. Sure we’d announce it’s Jummah and talk about the things we were doing but he didn’t seem engaged. There was a big difference once this book graced our home!

We used ‘It’s Jummah!’ to point out what we were doing on Fridays as we went along. Our son began saying ‘Jummah’ and ‘masjid’ in no time and pointing to our Qur’an when he came to the Qur’an page in the book. There is even a page showing a hand and a nail clipper so he now knows that ‘clip clip’ (our phrase for cutting his nails) is a part of the Jummah routine. Which other children’s book depicts nail cutting as part of a Jummah routine or a board book about Jummah even?! I haven’t come across any others, so in my view this book is unique!

For us as a family, this book has been a great investment with lasting impressions on us and our toddler! Our baby (seen in the picture holding the book) has had a head start compared to his brother. He is being introduced to the words/phrases and seeing pictures from an earlier age. In shaa Allah he will grasp the Jummah etiquettes soon too and join us in our enthusiasm for Fridays!"


Book Review by Islamic School Librarian Blog

"This is a very straight forward toddler board book about what you should do on Jummah.  The simple text, the blocky pictures and the overall size and feel of the book make it a great teaching tool for establishing routine. 

It is very sturdy and solid and perfect for babies up to 2 or 3 years old.

The day starts with waking up for jummah, taking a bath, reading Quran and praying in the mosque. 

I like that it is completely linear, and that the words under the pictures offer the Islamic vocabulary.  There are also no faces in the pictures. There isn’t a story, but the opening line of “Let’s wake up!” make your little one the star. 

There aren’t a lot of toddler board books out there, and thankfully this one doesn’t have any flaps to lift up or more text than a one year old can handle."


Book Review by Little Berries Bookery (Instagram)

"Another beautiful Friday is here and we have been practicing our Sunnahs of Jumu'ah for past few weeks through reading this book! This is a very simple yet practical board book aimed towards ages 0+. So my two year is really intrigued by its vivid colors and almost thinks of it as a checklist for Fridays. 

And as it is written in very short phrases, it's perfect for early readers. My 4 yr old loves reading it by himself as with only little help. We just started our phonics reading program a few weeks ago."


Book Review by Sister Nilem (from Karachi)

MashaAllah what an awesome effort! The books are not only beautiful but easy to teach. I wish these books there when my children were growing up. Well done! Now my grandchildren can enjoy them!"


Book Review by Sister F. (from British Columbia - Canada)

"My son pretends exactly what he sees in the book. He pretends to take bath, recite The Quran and pray Salah. Thank you for such a wonderful book. We need more :) "


Title: It's Jummah ! : The Sunnah And Etiquettes Of Friday ! (Board Book)
Author: Nagia Rastgar & Lyazzat Mukhangaliyeva
Illustrator: Zainab Arshad
 2 Curious Hearts - Canada
Recommended Age Group: 0 years and up
Pages: 16
Volumes: 1
Size:  15.9 cm x 15.9 cm
Binding: Hardback - Board Book
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication: 



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