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Ibn Battuta : The Great Traveller

Ahmed Imam

Ali Gator - Australia
Recommended Age Group: 3 - 7 years
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Learn all about Ibn Battuta, a great Muslim traveller whose journey is still talked about today, in this colourful and enjoyable picture book.

Long before planes or trains were invented, Ibn Battuta went on a remarkable 30 year journey, including four trips to Hajj, travelling over 100,000 kilometres.

Through beautiful illustrations and easy-to-understand text, this book introduces children to Ibn Battuta, “The Great Traveller”, as well as the du'a (prayer) for one starting a journey.

Title: Ibn Batutta : The Great Traveller (Muslim Scientists)

Publisher: Ali Gator - Australia
Language: English
24 (Full Colour)
21.5 cm x 21.4 cm 
Binding: Paperback
Weight:  0.13 kg

Recommended Age Group: 3 - 7 years



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