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The Foundations of Islam : English Translation Of Masail Al-Jahiliyyah , Nawaqid Al-Islam , Al-Qawaid Al-Khamsa , Al-Qawaid Al-Arba

Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab

Dar As-Sunnah (UK)
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This is an important collection of writings by Shaykh Muhammad ibn `Abdul Wahhab, all dealing with essential components of Muslim belief and identity. The book is an invaluable addition to the Muslim bookshelf.

The first is the outstanding work, Masa’il al-Jahiliyyah (Characteristics Of The Times Of Ignorance) in which the author lists 128 characteristics, current amongst the people of the Time of Ignorance, which were opposed by the Messenger of Allah, all of them essential learning for any Muslim. The goal is to purge contemporary Muslim society from any such traits that may linger on and to direct them back to the guidance of the Messenger of Allah in its pristine purity. The treatise is written in simple, accessible language and is marked by a heavy reliance on Quranic verses which lends it to easy reading. Relevant as it was then, it remains relevant today and its importance cannot be underestimated. The Arabic text of this work has also been included.

The second, Nawaqid al-Islam (Ten Things Which Breach Islam) is an article listing ten things which breach a person’s profession of Islam, incorporated here so that the Muslim can do his utmost to avoid them.

The third is the monograph, al-Qawa`id al-Khamsa (The Five Maxims) in which the author explains five fundamental components of the Messenger’s call.

The fourth is the famous treatise, al-Qawa`id al-Arba` (The Four Principles Differentiating The Muslim From The Polytheist) in which the author expounds on the reality of Tawhid and shirk through explaining four principles which will save a person from the trap of polytheism in all of its many forms. The author wrote various versions of this treatise in his life and three such versions have been incorporated here.

The last is a counsel or advice given by the author directed to all Muslims.

Title: The Foundations of Islam : English Translation Of Masail Al-Jahiliyyah ,  Nawaqid Al-Islam , Al-Qawaid Al-Khams , Al-Qawaid Al-Arba
Author: Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab
Publisher: Daar-Us-Sunnah (UK)
Pages: 159
Volumes: 1
Size:  14.1 cm x 21.4 cm
Binding: Paperback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication:
Weight:  0.22 kg


The author Shaykh Muhammad ibn `Abdu’l-Wahhāb ibn Sulaymān al-Tamīmī was born in the year 1115H/1703AD in `Uyaynah approximately seventy kilometres north of Riyāḍ and died in the year 1206H/1792AD at Dar`iyyah.

He studied under numerous scholars in `Uyaynah, Mecca, Madina, Baṣra and Huraymlā and was highly proficient in Ḥanbalī jurisprudence, Arabic language and Qur’ānic exegesis.

He acquired his primary education from his esteemed father at his native place and was nurtured under his guidance. He was intelligent enough to memorize the Qur'an by heart at the very tender age of ten only. He read the books on Tafseer (exegesis), Hadith and Fiqh. From the very outset, he was greatly interested in studying the works of early scholars, particularly those of Sheikh-­ul-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah and his noble disciple Allamah Ibn Al-Qayyim. He went through all those books and well grasped the contents. On attaining the age of maturity, he set out to perform Hajj at Makkah and derived benefits from the scholars there. He then proceeded to Al-Madinah, met the learned ones there, and adopted the studentship of two renowned erudite, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ibrahim bin Sa'id Najdi and Sheikh Muhammad Hayat Sindhi for a long period. Out of the curiosity for higher education, he took also the journey to Iraq and Basrah and got himself benefited there.

He was devout, highly intelligent and had an excellent memory. His call was to the revival of Tawḥīd away from the innovations and superstitions that had crept into the belief of many Muslims and this da`wah spread throughout the world.



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