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A Thesaurus Of Assumed Synonyms In Arabic : Based On Al-Furuq Fi Al-Lughah / الفروق في اللغة

Abu Hilal Al-Askari

Darussalam - Riyadh
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There has been much debate among the linguists over whether there actually are complete synonyms in Arabic, or whether every word has its own particular shade of meaning. One of the most famous books written in support of the latter theory is Al-Furuq Fi al-Lughah / الفروق في اللغة by Abu Hilal al-Askari (d. 395 AH), in which he pointed out the subtle differences between seemingly synonymous words, such as the following Quranic vocabulary:

اَجرٌ vs ثَوَابٌ , خَشيَةٌ vs خَوفُ , عَذَابٌ vs عِقابٌ

The author said that it is impossible for there to be two different words in Arabic that have exactly the same meaning, and that those who are unaware of the differences think that the different words are only different hyperbolic forms, whereas they also reflect different meanings.

A Thesaurus of Assumed Synonyms in Arabic is based on Al-Furuq Fi al-Lughah / الفروق في اللغة by Abu Hilal al-Askari.

This is an engaging classical thesaurus that elaborates lexis and its appropriate usage exemplified from the Quran, Hadith and Islamic Jurisprudence.

This book explores the relationship between words and (quasi) synonyms. It explains and illustrates lexis form and its authentic usage

It offers great assistance in learning the Arabic language the right way and also on research in Arabic sciences. It is a valuable contribution to the field of translation and lexical references.

Title: A Thesaurus of Assumed Synonyms in Arabic : Based On Al-Furuq Fi al-Lughah / الفروق في اللغة 
Abu Hilal al-Askari
Editor: Dr.Muhammad Akram Chaudhary
Translator: Dr.Muhammad Akram Chaudhary
Publisher: Darussalam - Riyadh
552 (2 Colour Print)
Size: 17 cm x 24 cm
Binding: Hardback
Year Of Publication: 2017
Edition Number:
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