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The ABC Of Allah Loves Me

Learning Roots - UK

Recommended Age Group: 2 - 5 years
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If you're looking for a way to connect your child to Allah with a strong and deep bond, then there's no faster way than loving, living and learning the perfect names of Allah.

That might sound like a tall task, but thankfully, getting your young child to learn about Allah is as easy as ABC with this delightful little book.

Here's a quick peek at what makes this book The ABC of Allah Loves Me by Learning Roots so popular with Muslim parents around the world:

  • Each letter in the alphabet covers one of Allah’s beautiful names and attributes explained in loving words threaded together using simple rhymes that will touch the heart of any child.

  • Coupled with cute illustrations, your child will smile in awe at the majesty, love and mercy of their Creator.

  • The ABC of Allah Loves Me is made from thick card, making it durable against the tugs and tears of baby hands. 

  • The book contains 26 pages, providing meaning moments of repeatable fun!

Connect your child to the wonder and amazement of Allah's majesty


Title: The ABC Of Allah Loves Me
Publisher: Learning Roots - UK
Language: English
Recommended Age Group:
2 - 5 years 
18 cm x 20 cm
Binding: Hardback



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